Cobra NH Slip-On Krom H-D Touring 17-22

Cobra NH (Neighbor Haters) Slip-On Krom H-D Touring 17-22. När du tycker "för högt ljud" är lagom.
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Cobra NH (Neighbor Haters) Slip-On Krom H-D Touring 17-22. Cobra, USA #6109

När du tycker "för högt ljud" är lagom. Finns inga quiet baffles för dessa, de ska låta.

  • Cobra's Neighbor Hater mufflers are not for the faint of heart
  • These are an aggressive slip-on muffler, for those who think loud just isn't good enough
  • Start as round 4" tubes, then bell out to 4.5", for an aggressive and classic design at the rear
  • Internally, these mufflers have a perforated core with strategically spaced holes; This is done in order to produce an aggressive bark
  • At the end of the baffle is a trumpet shaped inner tip that works in harmony with the belled end, creating a unique look
  • The tip is rolled to give a clean, finished look

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